Monday, October 3, 2011

Ruthless Efficiency

*cracks knuckles*

This pregnancy thing is a total mind trip. Especially with my early complications, it was a mantra of "just make it one more day, just one more day" and then "make it to the second trimester, make it there" and then "make it to 24 weeks, you're so close."

And then you get to 24 weeks and realize that holy SHIT, you're going to have a BABY in 10-16 weeks and you have way too much crap to DO!

Mr. M. and I finally made one big, important purchase this weekend - the crib! We wound up going with this crib and we both think it's perfect. It was a little back-ordered but they will have more in stock starting October 21 so hopefully it will get here in plenty of time.

We also ordered a dresser similar to this one. It was complicated - we saw this dresser but Mr. M. wasn't crazy about it. We went to the next store and they had a slightly different dresser from the same collection, but they don't make it anymore. Our wonderful sales rep called the warehouse and they still had some in stock, so we got one! It looks pretty much the same except it has a cabinet on the right side and doesn't look quite so formal. Both pieces are in the "cognac" finish.

Mucking out the spare room is happening in a slow and rather unsteady way. We still have a couple of huge old televisions we want to donate to a church or other charitable organization that could use them. Then there's my gigantic pile of scrapbooking stuff occupying the corner, and a closet full of wrapping paper and random electronic stuff. And then a tall dresser full of more random electronics, stationary, instruction booklets...

Mr. M. spent yesterday going through the old electronics, which we will donate or recycle. My completed day's chores list was this:

Do LOTS and LOTS of laundry
Do dishes and clean kitchen
Sort through all the crap that came out of my old car
Condense all party supplies and decorations into one smallish box
Organize the two huge cabinets in the kitchen where I store all my kitchen electronics, etc. I was AMAZED at how much extra room I had once things were organized and not just shoved in there willy-nilly.
Organize my hall closet (moving a lot of servingware and bakeware into the aforementioned large cabinets) and store party supplies, seasonal decorations, candles and candleholders
Organize my drawer of food storage containers, plastic wrap, etc.

Not a bad day's work if I say so myself!

I also made a big pot of homemade turkey chili. I was SO tired and then, of course, I couldn't sleep. I was restless and awake and my mind was racing so finally I got up and went to the couch for a couple of hours. I got back in bed at about 2 and finally managed to catch some sleep.

The new car continues to be pretty awesome and I continue to be terrified of messing it up.

I feel like at 25 weeks I should have some idea about possible baby showers but I know NOTHING. My friends in town mentioned throwing me one early on but I've heard nothing more. A lady in my hometown offered to throw one (the offer was made to my grandmother) but when I asked Grandma if she was still going to she was all, "Oh, I don't know." It's REALLY frustrating to me because it is so tacky to be all, "Hey, are you guys throwing me a shower or WHAT?" but that's kind of how I feel. I dropped a tiny little hint in an email to my BFF today so we'll see what happens. I am really excited about having a baby shower and will be super dissappointed if it doesn't happen. At this point I'm assuming it's going to happen, but afraid it will be in a hurried and last-minute way and the type-A crazy lady in me is NOT okay with that. Oh, well. :) I'll get over it either way.

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  1. Wow, you really did get a lot done! Definitely give yourself a pat on the back!
    That is odd no one has stepped forward with a baby shower :( hopefully they, but being sneaky? Like a surprise party?