Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Adventures of E

My lack of posting has been totally LAME, I know. So here are some quick updates and photos of E's recent adventures!

-Still no news on whether I'm keeping my job part-time or leaving permanently at the end of April. Oh well. I'm at peace either way.

-Took E for his first "sick" trip to the doctor on Monday. He developed a nasty rattling cough so I just wanted to get him checked out. His doctor said, "At this age, we don't say a baby has allergies," and then E sneezed and she said, "But he looks like he might have allergies." Unfortunately there's nothing they can do medicine-wise until he is at least six months old, so for now we continue with the humidifier, saline drops and the DREADED nasal aspirator.

-We spent our first night away from E this weekend and it was a lot easier that I thought it would be! We camped with friends for one night and he stayed with his great-grandma and was a very good boy! I was so happy to see him when we picked him up.

-E has decided to stop sleeping through the night, which from my reading I understand is pretty normal at about 4 months. He goes down at about 8 and usually wakes me up at about 2 for a feeding. He goes back down pretty easy afterwards so it's not that bad. This week I actually feel like I have more energy than I have in a while.

-We set the date for E's baptism and it is on Mother's Day. I couldn't think of a more perfect time to celebrate our miracle blessing and the greatest gift I have ever been given.

On a side note, outfits for boys' baptisms are RIDICULOUS. When I searched yesterday I kept seeing little white TUXEDOS! With vests and ties and stupid-looking hats. Who the heck baptizes their kid in a tuxedo?? Case in point. ANYway, I think I have finally decided on this one, which is classy looking, not ridiculous and will still make a nice heirloom.

-I am super excited for E's first Easter this weekend! I love attending my home church and spending the day with my family. He has a very handsome outfit (and yes, of course I will post photos). Also, my good friend L who is a semi-professional photographer took THE most adorable photos of him in bunny ears! I'll share those a little closer to Easter.

That's all for updates! Now for fun with photos!

My three month photo shoot. My four month shoot is coming up next week! I'm growing so fast!

Smiling and waving to my adoring fans while chilling in my great-grandma's bassinet.

I went to my first car show - the first of many I'm sure! I make this Mini look good!

I don't like tummy time as much as I used to but it is so good for my strong neck muscles!

Just plain adorable. That's me!

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