Thursday, January 30, 2014

Anatomy Scan Scare

We had our anatomy scan today, and while it started out as a fun and exciting day, it ended on a bit of a low, worried note.

I was sick to my stomach with anxiety this morning as we waited for the ultrasound, but once we got into the room I found myself quietly calm. The tech wasn't able to tell us any results, but did tell us what she was looking at. She also spotted the, ahem, family jewels right away, so it's going to be another boy for us!

I will admit I was surprised at how NOT disappointed I was, because I was secretly hoping for a little girl. But having another boy just seemed so right, just like, "Oh, that's exactly how it is supposed to be." I was instantly very happy and content.

After the ultrasound we waited for a long hour to see the doctor, who was running way behind. She walked in and immediately said, "All right, let me talk to you about what we found in the heart..."

...and then proceeded to write something on a piece of paper for about 45 seconds while my heart pounded and my throat constricted so I felt like I could barely breathe.

That was NOT cool, Dr. A.

So here's the basics: the baby has a tiny calcification on its heart, which while not a health risk in itself, can be an indicator of Down's syndrome. The baby shows no other signs or indicators of the syndrome and in fact was textbook perfect in terms of how healthy it was. Babies who have this condition do not always have Down's, but babies with Down's very commonly have the condition, if that makes sense. Dr. A. said that she diagnoses one of these at least once a week and in all of her eighteen years she has never had one turn out to be Down's. She said she is 99.9 percent sure that the baby will be perfectly healthy.

But. We have to be certain. So they are sending us to the Maternal Fetal Medicine (high-risk pregnancy) doctor for another ultrasound next week.

So our super exciting morning took a definite dive at the end, with tears and fears and worries. All we can do now is hope and pray for a healthy baby boy. Not sure yet when our ultrasound will be, but I'll keep you posted.


  1. ugh. sending you all my thoughts that this is scary but nothing!

  2. That is scary. But congratulations on the boy!

  3. 99.9% sure is pretty good. I know how scared you must feel, but your odds are low, especially if the scan didn't reveal any other markers. Just relax and breath. You will know more soon.

    Thinking of you, Alissa

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