Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weigh In: Week Two

Weight in January 2011: 196
Weight in March 2011 after two weeks of SBD: 182
Weight before E's delivery in December 2011: 221

Weigh in on January 7, 2012: 184
Current weight: 175
Pounds lost so far: 9
Pounds lost since last weigh in: 4

Well, I survived my second week of no carbs! I actually found the second week to be a lot easier in terms of resisting temptation, but a lot harder in terms of boredom! I was SO tired of protein and veggies!

I have to say, though, the no carb thing did wonders for me. I lost nine pounds in two weeks! My skin cleared up, I had tons of energy and I, a chronic insomniac, slept like a baby. By energy, I mean I felt good and not tired throughout the day. However, exercise was NOT going to happen. We took E for a walk in the neighborhood and I was so out of breath it was ridiculous!

Yesterday I began slowly adding carbs back in. I was reeeeeediculously excited for my All Bran with fresh strawberries for breakfast and for my apple as an afternoon snack. I'm following one of Bob Harper's "Skinny Rules" and not eating any carbs (not including fruit) after lunchtime. This morning I had a piece of whole grain sugar free toast (check your bread, peeps - HFCS is one of the first few ingredients!) and it was yummy.

I also started exercising again yesterday. I went to Body Sculpt at the Y and made it through without a problem, although I am pretty sore today! Today I went to my other gym (closer to E's MDO and only $25 a month but much smaller) and hopped on a treadmill for an interval run/walk.

The treadmill had a TV screen, which I wasn't using, so it worked more as kind of a mirror. I caught a glance of my face occasionally and was impressed by how steady and determined I looked.

This is for keeps, ya'll. Anything I can do to help my chances of having another baby, I'm going to do. And I'm going to kick ass while doing it.

All right, off to clean my house while E is still at MDO! Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Not sure I could go without my carbs. Good job on the weight loss.

    1. Thanks, Rebecca, you are such a wonderful supporter, especially after my long absence! I really appreciate you!