Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CD 10 - Welcome to crampytown.

Ugh. Cramps.

I guess they are a good symptom where the whole ovulation thing is concerned, and they are by far not debilitating...just annoying. They feel kind of like pre-period cramps.

The good news is that this whole TTC #2 thing has done wonders for my healthy eating! Since I am in the two week wait I am determined to keep my rises and falls in my blood sugar nice and regular with no big spikes and crashes. So I am avoiding potatoes, sugar, processed carbs, etc. I've passed up cookies, fries, apple cobbler and lots of other things that I usually love. And honestly? It hasn't been hard at ALL. Every time I go to eat I just think about what I want to put in my body to keep it nourished and healthy and full on energy.

Side effect? I feel AWESOME. I'm full of energy and good vibes, which can't hurt, right?

Happy hump day to ya'll. Thanks for reading.

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