Sunday, September 1, 2013

CD 6 - A Smiley Face!

I was very happy to get a smiley face on my ovulation predictor kit tonight (just a few minutes ago in fact). I had done one this morning but since AF started a bit earlier than usual this cycle, and since my boobs were a bit tender, I tested again.

I feel ready. Yesterday was a friend's 30th birthday and I drank wine and had tons of amazing food and beer, knowing that it would kind of be my last hurrah, especially for drinking. Today I've been eating really well and I've been taking my prenatal vitamins regularly for a few weeks, so hopefully I have given myself as much as an edge as possible.

Honestly, I am just happy that I ovulated at all. With my high FSH I worry about things like that, so it's reassuring to see the smiley face.

Side note: My doctor offered to test my FSH again when I mentioned trying again, but I declined. I know that if the number has gotten higher, it will just add to my stress and that certainly won't help with TTC. If we try for a few months without success, I will have her check it again before we see the RE.

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