Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A truly wonderful day

Today my beautiful, bright, inquisitive, strong-willed, joyful, imaginative E turns two years old. It seems unbelievable that time could have passed so quickly.

We celebrated with a trip to visit his aunt at work and then took cookies to our Gymboree class, where they sang him happy birthday. Later tonight Mr. M. and I will give him a couple of presents and then take him out for his favorite meal (chicken and French fries) and ice cream.

E also made the trip to the doctor with me for my first checkup since becoming pregnant. He sat very nicely in his jogging stroller and ate his lunch and drew in my notebook while completely charming the nurses.

There was a very tense moment for me when after about five minutes of trying, the nurse still couldn't find the heartbeat. My retroverted uterus definitely does NOT help with things like that. So she wheeled in the ultrasound machine and spotted the heartbeat pretty much right away. And I got to see Baby again! Baby was lying on his/her back with one leg extended out, and we also saw the arms, some fingers and even a hint of a nose. She printed out the picture for me to take home.

I showed the picture to E, telling him it was the baby in Mommy's tummy. He looked at it quite seriously for a moment, then said, "Baby sleeping." It totally melted my heart.

The best part of the appointment (besides seeing the baby) was at the end, when the nurse, who I love dearly, gave me a big ol' long bear hug of congratulations. They all know me and genuinely care about me and it is such a comforting and reassuring feeling.

I go back to meet with the doctor in about three weeks. I will be 14 weeks along then and will get the go-ahead to schedule my anatomy scan ultrasound for about 18 weeks. EEP!

The other awesome news? NO MORE PROGESTERONE! I am SO glad not to have to mess with that nasty stuff anymore.

I'll probably be absent for a while as I try to relax and enjoy E's birthday and the Christmas season. Sending you all love and hoping for a joyful holiday season for all of you.


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