Friday, November 11, 2011

31 weeks and updates!

Argh! Where does the time go, seriously? I have SO much stuff I could/should have written about in the past week, but now am way behind and will have to resort to the old bullet-style writing style.

-Mr. M. and I had a wonderful 5th anniversary. We saw Be.n F.olds perform live and had the BEST seats - 4th row and on the left. We could see his face, the piano AND his hands. We stayed overnight in a swanky hotel and spent the next day shopping for rocking recliners (for the living room) and buying our glider (we wound up with a Shermag from BRU).

-Mr. M. gave me THE sweetest anniversary gift - he picked out a C.oach handbag for me and also bought an outfit for baby! If you knew him you would know that both of these things are A-mazing.

-Unfortunately, he also gave me the cold he had been fighting for two weeks. I'm now on day 7 of coughing and hacking. My OB checked my out yesterday and said it's just a virus and I'm going to have to suffer through it. I am medicating with C.laritin, and Ro.bitussin, which have all been approved by Dr. A. Took a sick day on Monday and just stayed on the couch with the puppies all day, which was nice.

-I had my first baby shower this past Sunday and it was SO wonderful! This one was mostly friends my age with some family thrown in. I was actually a little disappointed because I only received a few outfits for baby. Mr. M. has (meanly) been stopping me from buying baby clothes because he keeps saying "You'll get tons at your showers." Instead, I got blankets and books! I am a TOTAL book nerd and always have my nose stuck in a book. So three copies of Goodnight Moon and two copies of Cat in the Hat later, baby's library is looking quite well-stocked. :)It just shows that my friends know me well. I felt bad for coughing and hacking the whole time (literally had to take a break during opening presents for a cough drop) but had a good time.

-I have a baby shower tomorrow in my home town (about an hour from where we live) and am super excited about it! My God-sister (Godmother's daughter if that makes sense) is hosting it at my grandmother's house. This will be an older crowd filled with family and church friends, some of whom I haven't seen in years! I love seeing everyone together.

-We will be taking maternity photographs this weekend with two different photographers - my best friend and then our wedding photographer. I am excited but a little bummed because my face has definitely gotten bigger the past few weeks. I hope they turn out well!

And now for the "week" update thingy:
How Far Along? 31 weeks

Maternity Clothes? All maternity all the time!

Weight Gain?
As of yesterday I am up 27 pounds total, which my OB is VERY pleased with. I only gained two pounds in the past four weeks.

Stretch Marks? So far so good!

Sleep? SUCKS right now because of my cold. I can't sleep on my back and get all stopped up so have to get up every hour to blow my nose.

Best Moment of the Week: Lots this past week! My first baby shower, our anniversary together, and a glowing health report for both me and baby yesterday at my check-up.

Weirdest Comment: None to report!

Movement? Of course! Baby is head down so I get lots of kicks up under my ribs (not painful yet, just weird feeling) and little punches down in my abdomen. When I lay on my side he usually goes nuts. He also gets the hiccups a LOT - some days up to 6 or 7 times! I asked Dr. A. about them and she said that's "good."

Gender? A boy!

What I miss? Sleep! Also I miss just being generally comfortable during the day, which I most certainly am NOT right now.

Symptoms: Acid reflux, weight gain and general tiredness. Lack of mobility, hormonal craziness and insomnia.

Milestones: Every day is its own milestone.

Emotions: Happy and relieved, but overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done within the next 6-8 weeks!

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  1. Well I hope that the next shower proves to provide you with some much needed baby clothing.