Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby Shower #1 recap

Just wanted to post a quick recap of baby shower #1, aka the "Books and Blankets Shower", which happened on the 6th. It was hosted by my lifelong friend L and three other dear friends. This one was mostly for friends my age, although of course my mom and grandmother, my mother-in-law and several relatives came. It was wonderful and so much fun!

When the guests walked in, they signed a register and then were encouraged to write some advice for me as a new mom onto a card and tie it onto the tree centerpiece. At the end of the shower I read them all aloud. A lot of the advice was very helpful, and some of it was just hilarious.

Example: "Don't dangle baby over balcony. PR nightmare." (I work in PR)

"Don't ask J and C to babysit." (from two married friends who are SUPER nervous around kids."

After enjoying some delicious food (did I mention my sister-in-law is the head decorator at a cupcake boutique?) we played a quick game. L had a large paper sack filled with baby items, and you had to blindly reach in and see how many you could identify. Out of ten items, I got seven right, and tied with my MIL for the win! However, the prize went to me by default since she just started guessing what might be in there and writing things down before she even felt around in the bag! Sneaky sneaky MIL!

After that there was gift opening, which was a LOT of fun. I felt so bad all day due to my cold, but I medicated up and powered through, managing to look only slightly out of it in the photos.

Here's a photo of the gifts, laid out for everyone to look at after opening. I have to say that was MUCH easier than trying to pass each gift around.

I seriously need to count how many blankets I have now. :) But I have a pretty good idea of what to do with some of the extras...we shall see.

That day and at my shower this past Sunday, I just felt so blessed to have so many generous, loving, supportive people in my life. I know they will shower Baby with as much love as they show me each and every day.

Next post - maternity pics! Will I get brave enough to post one of my face? We shall see!

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  1. Quite a haul. I love the tree with cards and the cupcakes...WHERE IS MY CUPCAKE? See now I'm hungry. LOL