Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Okay, so (kind of) funny story.

We went to childbirth class last night - the subjects covered were birth interventions and post-partum recovery. We learned about the use of vacuums and forceps (REALLY hoping to avoid both of these) and then we covered C-sections.

I was worried that we were going to have to watch an actual live C-section birth and was very relieved when the video just covered the reasons you might have one. Then it showed a (non-bloody, non-gory, totally chill) animation of a C-section - where the incisions go, what happens before, during and after, etc.

I managed to do fine, although the part where they separate the abdominal muscles made me wince. Mr. M. held my hand during that part.

So, the lights came back up and the RN started going over C-section recovery details, and I noticed Mr. M. leaning forward in his chair. I put my hand on his back and it was burning hot through his sweater. I heard him taking some very deep breaths.

I asked if he was okay and he said he felt terrible, very sick to his stomach. Remember, this was while class was still going on and there were seven other couples in the room. After several minutes of breathing and leaving forward I convinced him to go out into the hall.

He looked TERRIBLE. Absolutely no color to his face and covered in sweat. It was much cooler in the hall so he took off his sweater (had a T-shirt underneath it) and lay on a couch with his feet up for a while and immediately felt much better.

After he was feeling better we determined the cause of the sickness.

My husband has apparently chosen this very opportune moment to turn into a complete and total WUSS.

He has always been a little squeamish about injuries to other people but I had no idea it was this bad. He couldn't even stomach an ANIMATION of a C-section with no blood or fluids or anything! How the heck is he going to survive even a v.aginal birth? That's a LOT more nasty than a C-section. The stupid thing is that we have WATCHED several v.aginal birth videos in class and he seemed fine. Argh!

Good thing we have my grandma as back up in the birthing room in case he hits the floor or something.

Seriously shaking my head. This guy needs to man up because he is NOT getting out of changing poopy diapers, cleaning around the cord and circumcision, mopping up vomit and all the wonderful things that come with childbirth.

I love the guy, but - SERIOUSLY???


  1. I think we saw the same video as you did. The nurse who taught our childbirth class recommended that dads who are worried they might feel faint during the birth put a chair behind them and sit down as soon as they aren't feeling well because if they actually faint they have to call an ambulance that will take them across the street to a different hospital! I can't imagine how traumatic that would be.

  2. Seems that he needs a shot of confidence. When in the trenches and by himself facing armloads of poopy diapers he's going to need his confidence knowing that he can wash them off without getting covered in crap himself.

    Oh and yeah, my husband can't stand the sight of blood either. And he's never changed a diaper.