Wednesday, December 7, 2011

35/35 today!

Something is wrong with me. For the past three days I have had a CRAZY amount of energy. I guess this is "true" nesting because I feel like realistically I should be shuffling around like a zombie. It has been nice as I have had a super busy week. Maybe the energy will carry me through the rest of the craziness of the week.

I am so excited to have reached the 35/35 mark today! If you're unfamiliar with the term, it means that I am 35 weeks pregnant and have exactly 35 days until my due date. WOW that is soon! So much left to do. I might need to post a to-do list on here to keep myself accountable. I love reading other peoples' to-do lists, menu plans, grocery lists etc. (I am apparently some form of super nerd) so maybe you'll enjoy reading mine.

Busy busy day at work today planning for tomorrow night's holiday party. I'm on the party planning committee and we have 250 people coming when we originally planned for 170 or so. Yikes! Has been pretty interesting. So not much time as I have to rush home a few minutes early and then throw together an appetizer for my Junior League Christmas party. But here you go:

How Far Along? 35 weeks

Maternity Clothes? All maternity all the time! The pairs of jeans I bought early on are (wince) getting a bit tight, so I stick to knits, cords and lightweight pants most days. Lots of soft T-shirts with sweaters to layer over them.

Weight Gain? Um. Yeah. A lot. We'll see how next tomorrow's appointment goes and then MAYBE I'll tell you how much. Perhaps. We'll see.

Stretch Marks? So far so good! Still search suspiciously for them every day but none have appeared...yet. My belly button, which was a deep innie, is starting to look awfully funny but I don't think it's going to "pop."

Sleep? Lots of restless nights right now.

Best Moment of the Week: Reaching 35/35!

Weirdest Comment: SO many people have been asking if I'm having a Christmas baby and SO many people have been exclaiming things like, "He's growing!" and "You're so BIG!" Fun times.

Movement? Of course! Baby is head down so I get lots of movement up under my ribs (not painful yet, just weird feeling) and little punches down in my abdomen. When I lay on my side he usually goes nuts. I have begun to have a few more painful jabs every so often. He also gets the hiccups a LOT. My OB nurse told me that what they want at this point is ten movements in ten hours, since the baby spends so much of his time sleeping at this point.

Gender? A boy!

What I miss? Being comfortable at my desk. I just can't get there - feet up, feet down, leaning back, sitting forward - all get uncomfy after about ten minutes. I miss being able to get up and down easily. I miss having the freedom to do and eat whatever I want without worrying about anything else.

Symptoms: Acid reflux, weight gain and general tiredness. Aching shoulders and back. Lack of mobility, hormonal craziness and insomnia. Constipation. Swollen fingers (rings came off today, I think permanently)and ankles. I am really only comfortable when I am sitting up very straight (perched on the edge of my office chair right now) or laying down on my side.

Milestones: 35/35!

Emotions: Very nervous and excited to meet our little guy! Overwhelmed by all that I have to get done!

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  1. Happy to see the 35/35 mark for you. Not much longer now.