Friday, December 16, 2011


Ethan's X-ray looked better this morning and his labs were good, so they are going to start feeding him again tonight at 5:30. They will start with very small amounts (10 mls or so) and see how it goes. I've probably pumped around 25 mls total so far, so hopefully his first feeding can be breast milk.

His jaundice level went up a point, so he is still baking under his big blue light, but they aren't high enough that the doctor is worried. Jaundice levels peak and then begin to fall naturally so we are hoping and praying that they begin to fall soon.

Sitting in the NICU right now waiting for lactation to come talk to me. Hopefully they can help me increase my supply for this sweet boy.

And here is a photo for you:


  1. Awwww... He's so beautiful! Who knew someone so darned cute could cause so much drama!

  2. Oh, he's so amazing!!! What a handsome young man!!!!