Thursday, December 8, 2011

I'm at WHAT????!

35 weeks 1 day and four. Mother-effing. Centimeters. Dilated.

Holy. Shit.

*Edit: Also. 90. Effing. Percent. Effaced.

She went to check my cervix and I groaned in pain and she said, "Oh my gosh, you're a four centimeters!" I was totally shocked and had no idea if this was a good thing or a bad thing! Both the Dr and the nurse were congratulating me and saying it was a good thing because it means when I go into labor it will go super fast. They said it's really rare for a first-time mom to be so progressed.

For some perspective - I was planning on holding out on my epidural until I reached 4 centimeters once I went into labor, and I'm ALREADY there.

Dr. A said I could stay at four for a couple of weeks or so, but if I go in next week and I'm at a five they will send me to the hospital. !!!!!! Guess Mr. M. is going to that appointment with me just in case!

I explained about the pain in my ladyparts and she said it is because baby has dropped so far. So at least that explains it.

The doctor said I would have bloody show, too, and man did I. I had to stop at a pharmacy and get some pads because I only had little liners in my purse. They told me I would bleed/spot for a couple of days. I have also had really bad cramps ever since the check which I know is normal but OUCH! I have barely taken any meds this whole pregnancy and I downed two T.ylenol as soon as I could. While I was at the pharmacy I got my (preservative-free) flu shot because I hadn't done THAT yet either.


Mr. M. and I are both, understandably, shocked. Bless his little heart as I tried to explain everything to him. We now have a LOT to get done before baby makes his entrance.

My grandma is coming up tomorrow for what was supposed to be a Christmas shopping trip but will now be a baby shopping trip. Then on Sunday both mom and grandma are coming up to help me around the house with things like laundry and organizing the baby's room. My friend L is coming over on Sunday as well to help me make some freezer meals to have on hand.

I would really like my little guy to bake a little bit longer, at least until 37 weeks. I know the chances of complications are lessening with every passing day, but it would sure make me feel better.

Holy crap, I could have a baby by Christmas!!!

Please send some thoughts, prayers, love and light or whatever our way for a)Baby to bake a little longer and b)Mr. M. and I to be able to prepare for him without totally stressing out. Much appreciated!

I will post if EEEEK!


  1. Time to start a baby pool on when he will arrive? My guess is about 12 days from now. Good luck and I hope you have an easy labor!

  2. i hope he stays put a little bit longer, but wow, that is exciting! congratulations! i hope the delivery is really quick and as painless as possible. good luck!