Monday, October 21, 2013


I don't know how I knew. I just...did.

I wasn't even terribly confident that I had my ovulation window nailed down this month since I was using the cheapy "if test line is as dark as or darker than" type sticks. We used Pre Seed. We baby danced three times. And I promptly got so busy that I forgot to really even stress.

Over the weekend, I found myself incredibly exhausted for no good reason. My boobs were tender, but that comes and goes because of some scar tissue I have in that area anyway.

I was out of pregnancy tests.

Today, I woke up and just had a funny positive feeling. E and I went to Gym.boree, then to the grocery store, where I bought some pregnancy tests. We got home and I was scrambling around trying to get him lunch and put away groceries and I had this funny nervous butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach. Right before naptime, I took E into the bathroom with me and POAS. We played on the bed for a few minutes while I waited. Then I walked in, glanced at the stick, and read the word "Pregnant."

My hands didn't go numb from shock this time like they did the first time, but my heart did start beating incredibly fast. That butterfly feeling intensified and is still there. I'm a little cold and shivery.

And very surprised.

Waiting on a call back from my OB's office right now. Last time I was considered high-risk, and considering how that pregnancy went I probably will be again. I hope she will want to check my betas so I can confirm it's progressing as it should.

I know it's very early and a lot of things can go wrong, so I am trying to be cautious in my excitement and keep myself level-headed. The one thing I am feeling right now, though, is incredibly, and beautifully, blessed.

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