Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the world gets smaller...

I was manning the reception desk at work today so the receptionist could go to lunch. Two ladies came in to meet with our special events coordinator, K. One of them was in scrubs. When she introduced herself to K, she gave her name as Sue Smith*.

"Wait, doctor Sue Smith?" I asked. She nodded.

"I'm coming to see you on June 16. It was the first available appointment," I said. We both laughed. She made a little joke about it being all her office manager's fault and then went with K for their meeting. She asked my name and said it was nice to meet me.

It was my RE, guys. The woman who will soon know more about me than most of my family members. It was strange, surreal, and SO coincidental.

I liked her immediately. She is pretty but looked naturally so, not overly made up. And she had a friendly, warm and open face.

The world is a small place, ya'll.
*!Obviously Sue Smith isn't really her name.
In other news, Aunt Flo still hasn't made her appearance and my cramps have stopped. Could it have just been part of my upset tummy this morning? Who knows?

In other other news, doesn't THIS look amazing?

It's cannelini bean and sausage stew from over at Kalyn's Kitchen. She has SO many amazing recipes for the South Beach plan. I made this stew last night and it was so good that Mr. M. and I didn't even speak to each other while we were eating - we just shoveled the stew into our mouths. I'll post the recipe over on my Crafting and Cooking page soon.

Going to POAS when I get home today to put myself out of my misery. Wish me luck!


  1. Wishing you the very best! How fun to meet her... hope she's wonderful to work with! The stew looks amazing!

  2. what a small world! i love little coincidences like that. crossing my fingers that the appt won't be necessary though. ;)