Monday, May 2, 2011

My first two week wait...

Can I just say that this whole 2ww (two week wait) thing SUCKS. In fact, one might go so far as to say it sucks big hairy balls. Those two or three moments of random nausea? Probably just my imagination. Sharp cramping in my abdomen? Just gas, I'm sure. A couple of twinges in the boob area? Probably just AF making her way in. Tiredness? Surely just the result of a busy week.

As this is my first cycle off of birth control, I'm not really sure when to expect Aunt Flo. Were I still on my pills, the start date would be this Thursday or thereabouts. But since I ovulated later, does that mean I will start later? It's all so confusing!

I think I am cautiously optimistic about this, our very first, natural cycle of trying to conceive. Meaning that we're having fun saying, "Wouldn't it be awesome if," and the like. But mentally, I feel prepared to deal with my very first BFN. I like to look for the bright side of things, and my bright side for a BFN during this first try is that I'll be able to drink on my New Orleans trip next week! I mean, whatever works, right?

Sorry I've been absent for a few days, but life decided to get really. Freaking. Busy. on me so I've been out of pocket. Instead of five blissful days off from work I got one day of home repair, one day of chores, one day of crazy running around, one day of (awesome) hiking and one day with my family for a belated Easter celebration. Not exactly the peaceful, relaxing break that I had imagined, but oh well!

So on Wednesday, we got to deal with THIS:

Meet the lovely hole in my bathroom floor! Oh wait, you couldn't reach the leak so now you're drilling ANOTHER hole? Awesome!

Why hello, additional gigantic hole in our hallway. So happy you could join in the fun! At least we found the leak this time, right?

And what a leak it was! *sarcasm*

THAT tiny little hole caused our WHOLE bathroom floor to heat up and forced me to take lukewarm, miserable showers and refrain from doing dishes or laundry for TWO WEEKS??!! I hate gophers. More than I hate Donald Trump. And that's saying a lot, people.

After a rough start to the day on Saturday, Mr. M. and I jumped in the car and headed to a small national park about an hour away. It was a beautiful day and it felt SO good to be out in nature with Mr. M., just hiking and talking about things. He sets a pretty brisk pace, though, so my calves are still feeling it today!

Finally, some peace and relaxation...

Sunday was belated Easter at Grandma's and MAN was it hard to stay away from the wine, Cokes and freshly brewed coffee, especially without seeming conspicuous to my family! Grandma knows, of course, but she's the only one.

And sadly, after two weeks of half-assing the whole healthy eating thing, I have put myself and my tighter pants back on the South Beach Diet. See my menu plan for the week under the "cooking and crafting" page.

Waiting to see what this week brings...Thanks for hanging in there on a long post!


  1. Ah yes the 2WW sucks, if only all the busy-ness you've had recently could have held off a little longer it might have helped keep your mind of the 2ww.

    The hike looks lovely and good luck with the South Beach diet.

  2. sorry about all the repairs. that sucks! that looked like a beautiful hike. i LOVE the pic of your feet overlooking the valley. so cute!