Monday, May 9, 2011


Holy shit, you guys.

This happened this morning. Second line appeared within seconds. Hands immediately went numb. Shaking. Sweating. Heart racing. Tears.

Call in to my OBGYN to get me in for an in office urine test and a beta blood test. They had better call back soon, because I WILL be calling every hour until I hear from them.

Pray for me.

*UPDATE: Just returned from the lab after getting my blood drawn. God bless my OBGYN's office for sending me for the test. She said they might run the tests at night so I may have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

Right now I am FORCIBLY restraining myself from running to Dr Google with search terms like "false positive pregnancy test" and the like. Since I did take a negative test about five days ago, I'm a little apprehensive.

I feel okay, though. Understandably anxious for my results, but feeling like I will be okay if it turns out to be a false positive. I will NOT be POAS again until after I hear from the lab.

This has been a crazy day, ya'll.

*UPDATE AGAIN: Well, it's ten minutes to five and I have to assume I'm waiting until tomorrow for the results.

In other news, no one EVAR. Calls me. But today as I am waiting for the biggest news of my life I get not one but TWO calls from strange numbers - neither of them the lab. The vet and the eye doctor just decided to call me today of all days.

Thinking I'm not going to get a lot of sleep tonight...

Can I just take a minute to thank all of the gracious, caring ladies who took time to leave me happy thoughts as they go through struggles of their own? You ladies are amazing.


  1. How exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. WOOHOO!!! Rest assured, dear... you are PREGNANT!!! Congratulations!!! There is no mistaking this one. Don't worry... there is no such thing as a "false positive." If the second line is there, you are absolutely pregnant. There is no way it will show up unless there are sufficient levels in your blood... and there's no way those are there unless your baby has implanted! You're there!!! Congratulations!!! So excited for you!!!

    In a side note of a bit of humor... given your noted uncertainty over the test, I first started looking for a very faint line... BESIDE the test line... until I realized it was the test line rather than the control line. That's how strong your positive is!!! :) It's a good one! Congratulations!!!

  3. very excited for you!

    crossing my fingers for a great beta number and happy and healthy nine months!!

  4. Looks like a Big Fat Positive to me!! Hope you get some great betas back!! Congrats!!

  5. Ditto Baby Hopes- I was thinking the faint line was the positive too! That's one positive positive!

    Preggo on the first cycle post-pill? Not so infertile after all!


  6. WOW! congrats!!! so exciting! i hope you get the results fast and that the number is high!