Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me? Little ole Me?

Last week I was pleased and surprised to be awarded two very sweet blog awards from Team Baby CEO over at Team Baby. If you have a minute, stop by and leave her an encouraging comment, as she is having a rough time.

I am now supposed to pass these awards along to some of my favorite bloggers. Keep in mind that I am very new to the infertility blogging world, so I am still finding great blogs every day.

These are the rules:
1. Winners grab the image above and put it in your blog.
2. Link back to the person who gave you it.
3. Tell 10 things about yourself
4. Award to new and old favorite, fabulous bloggers that I think you should check out
5. Contact the bloggers you have awarded to let them know they have won

I am passing on the awards to these lovely ladies:

Dealing with DOR
Chasing Our Stork
Marriage 2.0
Hope Springs Eternal
Life and Love in the Petri Dish

If you have received either of these awards before, don't worry about re-posting it all over again. I just wanted to recognize some blogs I admire and draw inspiration from, for a variety of reasons.

Ten Things About Miss Conception:
1. I read. Constantly. All the time. Love having a good book in my hand.
2. I hate blow up holiday decorations, as in the giant snowmen you see on people's lawns.
3. I once literally ran into Ted Kennedy while touring the U.S. capital. As in SMACK excuse me Mr. Kennedy.
4. Green fireworks are my least favorite.
5. I have a weird way of eating Snickers bars, not that I do it often. It started in Jr. High. I eat all the chocolate off the edges and bottom, then eat the nougat, and finish up with the caramel and nuts.
6. I love love LOVE taking hot baths (they are now merely WARM baths due to IF worries) with a good book and a glass of red wine (now forbidden as we TTC). I can stay there for hours.
7. I listen to classical music when I drive because it lessens the urge to scream/curse/kill people during the two hours a day I spend commuting.
8. I love fried pickles with ranch.
9. I am a super light sleeper and have to rely on a sleep mask and ear plugs to make it through the night. I won't get into bed until our room is tidy and the bed is smoothly made.
10. I am a self-taught cook and am always looking for new recipes, especially for soups and stews.

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  1. Awww!!! Thank you so much!!! I love #6 and #7. #6 sounds just heavenly... something I'll look forward to when past this roller coaster! #7 is something I definitely need to start doing. Jersey drivers are crazy.

    Counting down the days with you to your RE appointment!!!