Thursday, April 21, 2011

How do I know?

Am I ovulating? How do I know?

Today is day 16 of my first birth control-free cycle, and I've been charting my BBT and doing an OPK every day. So far, no noticable drop or rise in temperature, and no smiley face on the OPK screen. :(

I have, however, been feeling kind of crampy in my lower abdomen for the past two days. Am I just imagining this? The cramps feel pretty darn real and aren't really like period cramps. Should we go ahead and do a BD even though I have no idea how long my cycle is going to be?

This is all so confusing and overwhelming. It's so strange to be doing things backwards - to KNOW that I'm going to have problems conceiving before we have even tried.

Still waiting for my smiley face...

1 comment:

  1. I hope you get your smiley face soon!
    I've found cervical mucus and OPKs are the best indicators for me. Otherwise I would convince myself that every little cramp or twinge was ovulation. Also, I usually test LH twice a day when I start seeing fertile cervical mucus. Don't want to miss that precious window! You can buy bulk test strips online. ;)